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Dark link clone is in the middle row, 5th one over.
The red link button is on the selection screen, above the back button.

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Overall the movie was good, voice acting was okay, humor was alright.

Well done 5/5 & 10/10

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Animations are fine, in fact, the blast thing was somewhat cool, BUT...

This is a simple loop of a 10 second movie, there is nothing here that stands out from other movies. I wouldn't be suprised if this was downrated so much that it was blammed. People just don't care about short loops of a simple video.

You have the potential to actually make something useful, you just need to put some time and effort into what you release.

People come here for entertainment, usually for more than 10 seconds at a time.

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Definantly gets more interesting as it goes on. A little childish in it's looks and humor, but still a great animation nonetheless.

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It was fun for quite a while, but then it got a tad repetative. Also I think that the letters should take different amounts of time for you to press & hold the button -- it seemed as if they all took the same exact amount of time (maybe it's just me), so it was just a matter of memorizing how long to hold the button for.

For the genre of game it is, it was pretty good.


I honestly couldn't help myself:

- "Make sure to read the instructions before you play!"
- "its ok but i dont understand what to do"

Fail much?

@ guy below - lets not downrate something due to our lack of mental capacity, yes?


Cute, but such a short and boring game doesn't deserve front page and the current score it has. Even if the goal of this was for it to be 10 seconds long. It has almost no effort put into it.

I don't understand how this is doing better than some of the most well done games that people have spent months on.

"LOL JESUS IMA VOTE 10/10 & 5/5"

Honestly I didn't find the game that entertaining. HOLD RIGHT AND SMASH/HOLD THE SPACEBAR! You could have done more. Much more.


Kinda basic gameplay/graphics.

Also I have one suggestion -- I noticed that when you collect them they randomly appear at the top of the screen (which is a good way to do it) BUT the speed remains the same. One time I played and all of the greens where going really slow. It would be a good idea to make it so that when it is collected & recreated, the speed should be to a new random speed.

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This is pretty good, definantly portrays the name of the song :p


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